Meet the artist

Hi My name is Solveig, I began experimenting with fluid acrylics during lockdown times to reconnect myself to the flow state of creating. My first trials with fluid acrylics evolved into now artwork, that follows a natural flow.

As a passionate yoga teacher, founder of English Yoga Meetup and the strong desire to travel, the idea of a Pop up yoga mat collection was born. Solveig was tired to have 5 different mats at home: One for her home practice, one for the studio, one to travel and one for outdoors. None of the mats ticked all the boxes: either too heavy, too thin, too slippery or not long-lasting material, that harms the environment. After testing out many samples and a lot of feedback loops with the English Yoga Meetup community , the perfect popup yoga mat was found. It finally ticked all of the boxes:
- beautiful, vibrant designs
- eco friendly materials
- non-slip surface
- suitable for dry and wet hands
- good cushioning
- rolls out flat
- plasti free packaging

I wanted to create a yoga mat, that is fun to roll out, so that you actually enjoy even more stepping up on your mat. The destination inspired designs bring you mentally to a beautiful place even on a grey day. Currently there are 2 unique designs to choose from. We have other designs in the pipeline and can't wait to involve our community to help us choosing the next mat design together.