Where to enjoy your acai bowl?

Munich: Café Daddy Longlegs 

Just check their instagram account and it makes you immediately crave one of their yummy bowls. Think of acai bowl with strawberries, chia seeds, bananas and blueberies. So yummy! They also do really nice Swedisch cinnamon buns - or Franzbrötchen - how they call them over here. 



Frankfurt: Elaine's Deli 

So you have heard about all the superfoods? Then try out the acai berry, too. It is full of antioxidants, that boost your immune system. An acai bowl is usually prepared with some coconut water, crunchy granola and colourful fruits topped with some coconut flakes. I have only found one place where you can eat this yummy breakfast: Elaine’s Deli. This place is inside the MMK art museum which also includes a souvenir shop. Take your breakfast there and then do the




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