Oil day long

Kelly, you are an essential oil expert from Texas. What made you start studying oils?

I started to study oils because we started doing foster care. Having two extra kids plus my biological two kids (4 altogether!) meant we were getting sick ALL of the time. I wanted to get to the bottom of why, and when a friend shared some lemon and Thieves oil, my life was forever changed!

Obviously, there is a wide range of essential oils. If you could keep one only, which one would you keep and why?

If I could keep only ONE oil it would be Frankincense. It heals almost anything and boosts the immune system at the same time.

How do you integrate essential oils in your daily life to make you feel better and healthier?

I integrate oils into my everyday life by using them to wake up and set my mood for the day (Valor blend is the best for this!). I use grapefruit and lemon essential oils in my smoothie around lunchtime and to boost my metabolism. On days I exercise, I use Panaway for muscle recovery.  I use Thieves in my wellness tea every day, Frankincense on my face to fight wrinkles and for smooth skin, and then I fall asleep with Roman Chamomile in the diffuser for deeper REM cycles in my sleep! 

When you purchase essential oils, which are the criteria you consider before your purchase?

The criteria I considered when first purchasing oils was first and foremost, are the oils grown organically? I started looking into the whole process and realized that almost every company (save for JUST a few!) cut corners and don't even have to inform the customer! I also wanted to make sure the workers were paid fair wages! Both of those things were very important to me!
Thank you for your time, Kelly!
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