Healthy Snacks

Today I share some quick and easy recipes with you - both are vegan, nasty-free, glutenfree and sugar-free!


Strawberry mousse

Take half of a vegan coconut yoghurt (sugar free version) and blend it with a handful of fresh strawberries. Add a date for some extra sweetness and top it up of with some coconut chips. By the way, I use this blender*, which is awesome and doesn't take too much space.


Banana bread inspired cookies

Put 250g glutenfree oats into a pot. Add a little bit of tiger nuts (optional - you can get it at dm) and add some coconut flakes. Take 3 bananas that are ripe and smash them with a fork. Mix it with the oats with your hands. Add some nuts and raisins if you like them and a little bit of cinnamon. Mix everything together with your hands. If it doesn't stick together, then add a little bit of plant-based milk or agave syrup. With your hands do some little balls and press them down with the palm to create a cookie shape. Put the on baking plate at 180 degrees (lower and upper heat) for about 10min. When it smells like banana in your kitchen, they are ready.