It's massage time

What feeling is better than that after a yoga class? Right! That feeling after a good massage! :) Today, we meet Volodymyr, one of our yoga community members from Frankfurt.


Volodymyr, you are a dancer, athlete and work as a masseur in Frankfurt Nordend. How come?

I was always interested in bodywork and particularly in massage, as one of the best tools to relax the body. Besides that, I wanted to stay connected to the dance world, even when I stop dancing actively. I teach dance nowadays as well, but massage is something different: calm and much more personal. I remember myself training 8 hours a day, and a massage session in the end of the week was something my body always needed. For people who have sitting jobs it is very important as well.

As a masseur, I enjoy to work with different bodies and to know that people feel better after a massage session. Massage for me is like a present: it’s great to receive, but it is great to give it as well.

What are the benefits of your type of massage?

I offer wellness massage in different forms: relaxation massage, deep tissue massage and holistic massage. Each of them has similar techniques, but different purposes: to relax the body in general, to achieve deeper layers of connective tissue and to include mental and emotional relaxation. All in all, wellness massage brings you the following benefits:

• relaxes tense muscles
• improves blood circulation and releases toxins
• improves nervous function and joint mobility
• can ease short and long term physical ailments e.g. back pain and chronic tense muscles
• reduces stress and enhances the feeling of well-being.

What is your personal tip to get a little bit more wellness in your own life?

Wellness is about well-being and it comprises many different levels. My advice is: try to do only what you like, but also develop yourself: mentally, physically, intellectually, spiritually and creatively. It is all about balance, development and enjoying the moment.

What's your favorite spot in Frankfurt to calm down after a busy day?

My day usually ends up in a dance studio, but if I have some free (from dance) time, I like to spend in nature: parks and forests. Frankfurt has a lot of beautiful green areas. And I think nothing calms us down better than nature.

Thank you for the interview and your time, Volodymyr!


Your gift

If you need some more wellness time in your life, check out his massage studio in beautiful Frankfurt Nordend:

You can book online or call. During the corona restrictions your masseur is wearing a mask at all times. If you mention the code "englishyogameetup" you will get 30% on your massage in June (so it's 28 € for 30 Min, 49 € for 60 Min and 70 € for 90 Min. massage). Your body and your tight muscles will thank you later :)