The magic of rituals


Hi Julika, What made you and your partner Martin come up with the idea of creating "Kimori", a brand based on rituals?


Daily routine is determined by hectic and stress. A calendar full of appointments leaves little time to relax. While we focus on others, we neglect our personal needs. At the end of the day you are asking yourself, where all the time has gone. Life seems constantly getting faster. This makes it difficult to take some time out. With Kimōri we want to create an awareness to live each day mindfully. Our concept is less about the use of cosmetics or other products as it is with Rituals, but Kimōri helps you recognise and appreciate things you already have. This may sound a little spiritual, but it's not. We simply believe that little changes in the daily routine can lead to a stronger and positive mindset that helps you to live fuller, happier, healthier and longer.


What's your relationship with Japanese culture?

Our love and passion about the japanese culture started with a visit to Japan. Since then we have read a lot about different philosophies and ways of thinking and learned to apply them in our lives. Japanese culture emphasizes the "now-moment“ and celebrates it through various traditional ceremonies. Its aim is to take some time for oneself, calm down and leave behind the stressful everyday life. This attitude inspired us a lot. With Kimori we want to bring these philosophies with its great spirit to other people and contribute to their everyday life regaining quality.


What selfcare rituals have you integrated in your everyday life?

We have actually integrated many small rituals into our everyday life, which help us to perceive the small moments more consciously. This goes from healthy meals, over sport activities til daily walks in the fresh air. We love to take short tea or coffee breaks in between, especially in our balcony where we can perceive the scents around us. Surrounded by scented candles, fragrance diffusers and fresh flowers in our office, we use to create a pleasant working atmosphere full of harmony.


What are your favorite spots in Frankfurt to chill, to relax or to take some "me-time"?

In our daily routine we often walk through the Europaviertel and Rebstockpark around the corner. It is nice to observe all people of different ages and cultures doing sports, playing games or strolling around. Its good to clear your mind. When the sun shines the birds sing, we don't need any other scenery around us.

Besides, we love making daytrips around Frankfurt, such as to the Lohrberg or Kelkheim in the Taunus to take a longer break. Frankfurt has many wonderful places, each with its own charm. For us it’s the mixture that makes it such a lovely place.


Thank you so much for your time, Julika & Martin!


Your gift

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