The perfect mat - picked by the community

There is a mat out there for everyone. Here are the best picks chosen by the English Yoga Meetup community.

The allrounder mat
The Bodhi mat is very universal. You can use it for your home practice, in the studio or even outdoors. It has a good grip and is very reliable. The mat is made of natural rubber and  can be cleaned easily. It just takes a little moment until it is dry. This is the perfect hassle free go-to mat for beginners and intermediates. It is also the model that I use the most in my classes.

Check it out here.



The eco mat

The yoga mat is made of natural cork. It comes in a nice linen bag too, which is perfect to carry it to the studio. The mat itself is wide, non-slippery and has a good grip, even when you are flowing. It doesn't smell artifical either. Good price quality ratio.

Check it out here



The studio mat

You can't go wrong with a Jade yoga mat. All mats are made of natural rubber. They are non-slippery (even if you have sweaty hands) and their mats will last you a lifetime. They are not too heavy, so that you can easily carry them around, too. For every mat sold, a tree will be planted. They also have a travel mat available, which is super thin and can be folded.

Check it out here!


The sustainable yoga mat

If you are looking for a sustainable yoga mat, produced in Germany, then check out the brand hej-hej mat. Created by 2 German women, who studied sustainability in Sweden, they have launched the first closed-loop yoga mat brand, that is made from recycled material.

The mat is quite heavy, which is nice for a mat that you use at home. It is quite wide, which makes it comfortable to practice on this mat. It comes in 2 colors: darkblue and a lighter version. Because of the close loop concept every mat is unique. I have the dark blue / grey version at home, because I felt like the lighter version is  a bit sensitive if you use and clean it a lot. Check it out on the website - you will also get a 5% discount with "hejhejsolveig" at



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