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Meet Begüm: A mindful podcast creator

Begüm, originally from Istanbul, but living in Frankfurt and member of our English Yoga Meetup community has recently launched her own podcast about mindfulness. Tune in!   1. Begüm, what gave you the idea to start this project? It is true that most yoga classes start with a short breathing exercise for around 5 min. and then we start moving our body. But the main reason that people go to yoga classes is to move their body and most of us avoid working on our minds. My mind was so busy like a jungle that I would instantly open my eyes whenever there is a bugging thought coming to my mind. It took me a while to let those thoughts...

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Meet Alison: A yoga bag & textile designer

1. Alison, you create yoga bags and travel accessories? How did you come up with this idea? Yes, that's right! The inspiration for Wanderess Gear was derived of 3 things: my passion for creating, my passion for travel and my love of organization (Marie Kondo, anyone?). My soul is happiest when I am creating...and I was looking to find a way to turn my passion into work. Honestly, it was the Autumn of 2017 when the idea just popped into my head! I had lived the previous year mostly in Munich, Germany with my husband who was called over on an extended business trip. A 5-month stay in a hotel turned into 8 months and once I was back home in Greenville,...

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Meet Daniel: Ultra-runner, social entrepreneur and yogi

1. Daniel, you are an ultra-runner and a yogi? How do these two kind of sports fit together? I’m a runner since my early teenage age. For me running is more than just a sport. For me, it’s a way also to find time for myself, feel the freedom to choose when and where I go run. Running brought me to exotic regions like Beirut where I started my first Marathon in 2013. Since the last year 2019, I started to fall in love with trail running and ultra distances. For the once who don’t know, ultra distances start from 50km plus. Being in nature, being myself is for me like a meditative way to find peace within myself. I...

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