Discount Codes

Discount Codes

Life as an expat in Germany can be tricky sometimes. Learning the German language or getting around in your new city or dealing with your new job can be kind of  a struggle. We are here to help and provide you with some helpful links.

Expand your foreign language skills by iTalki

You'll get 10USD italki credits after your first purchase via the link 

Boost your energy with superfood mixes by

Easy superfood powders to top up your muesli or lattes. 15% off with code: englishyogameetup

Design your life & job by Aha Retreats

Create the life and job that fits to you. 50€ off on the online-webinar with code: ENGLISHYOGA 
Keep biking with Swapfiets
Stop worrying about your bike that could get broken. You get a discount of 7,50 Euro on your first monthly rent with  code: SOLVEIG57433.

English Yoga Meetup works together with partner platforms, where comissions can be earned on purchases. If you use one of the affiliate links or codes, you support our work and get a discount at the same time. Win win situation for all.
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