Discover arty spaces in Munich

Are you into arts? Follow our recommendations and discover some unusual, yet arty spaces in Munich!


Müller'sches Volksbad

Maybe you are not into swimming, but maybe you are into arts! In any case, if
you are living in Munich, you shouln't miss the Müllersches Volksbad. The thermal bath is simply beautiful and takes you back to ancient times. It is very
well located in Rosenheimer Strasse, one of the most beautiful areas in Munich.

Join the sauna (yep, in Germany it's mixed gender) and bring your own towel to save some money.


Lenbach Haus

The Lenbachhaus is quite an exceptional building in Munich, that hosts various
changing expositions. They have collections from the 19th century and the
largest collection of the Blue Rider to New Objectivity and Contemporary Art. This is the perfect cultural weekend getaway!



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