3 cute coffee shops in Munich you'll need to know

Here is a list of some of English Yoga Meetup's favorite city spots in Munich, that serve yummy vegan cakes, delicious coffee and the best tea or coffee in town. 


Tushita Teahouse 

Tushita Teahouse is one of the recommendations, you can't get around if your into tea. Since over 10 years the Tushita teahouse can be found in the hipster area Glockenbachviertel. The interior is stunningly beautiful and you feel zen mode right when you enter. They offer tea tastings, tea ceremonies, healthy meals and some workshops. Come here with your bestie for a piece of cake with a warming cup of tea.


Man vs. Machine Coffee 

This coffee shop is special - you will notice the difference right when you enter. The design is minimalist. The shop was founded in 2014 and they are 100% independent. They roast only Arabica coffee, no Robusta beans. Order your coffee there or take one of their beautifully packaged coffee packages with you home.


Baby, I like it raw 

"Baby, I like it raw" - That's the name of the coffee shop - how cool is that? And no, they don't only offer raw vegan food. The name was inspired by a song. The inside of the copyshop is tiny, but the service is really great. Go here with a friend or solo with your book.


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