4 Nature spots to relax in Frankfurt

Sometimes a yoga class is not enough to let go. Sometimes you just need to go out to reconnect with nature and to deconnect :) We show you the best nature spots in Frankfurt! 



Where to go to escape the city? That’s an easy one! Jump on the bus from Konstablerwache and head to Lohrberg. After around 20min jump off the bus and walk along the fields and little gardens until you reach the Lohrberg Schänke, a little beer garden on top of the hill. From here you have an amazing view of
the city and you will see the entire skyline. In autumn you will see a lot of families with their kites. If you keep on walking you will also see vineyards and another little beer garden. Make a stop here, get some local products like honey or
apple chutney from the local farmer’s shop and share a cheese plate with your bestie.

Main-Äppel-Haus- Lohrberg, Klingenweg 90, 60389 Frankfurt am Main


Licht- Luftbad Niederrad

There’s no beach in Frankfurt?! Well you are wrong. There is a tiny beach in Niederrad, close to Universitätsklinikum. You can prepare a little picnic and watch the sun go down at the beach. You will be surprised how many boats pass by on the Main river. If you are lucky you see some swans too. There is also a coffee place called Ponton over there, in case you forget to bring your own drinks. Just take a bike to get there, the track is quite scenic, because you will pass by
an old little boat, that is covered with plants all over. Take your picture there and then roll downhill, direction beach.

Licht- und Luftbad Niederrad, Niederräder Ufer 10, 60528
Frankfurt am Main


Frankfurt has a lot of parks. You will notice once you go up to the Maintower. You will be surprised how much green there is in and around the city. One of the biggest parks is the Niddapark. You can easily get lost as it is quite big. Jump on your bike and cruise around. You will see the river Nidda and some artwork along your way. Perfect for an autumn stroll, too!

Volkspark Niddapark, 60488 Frankfurt am Main

 Enkheimer Ried

Getting tired of busy city life? Leave Konstablerwache behind and jump off at Enkheimer Ried. Within a short walk, you will be surrounded by lush scenery and forests. There is a little lake in the middle so climb up the hill to have a better view and to do some bird watching. You will come back to the city feeling re-energized and relaxed.

Enkheimer Ried, 60388 Frankfurt am Main


Schwanheimer Düne

At first you will only see a little bit of sand, but when you cross the bridge, you will find yourself surrounded by many dunes all of the sudden. This is an environmentally protected nature reserve so make sure to stay on the paths. It is a beautiful place for a weekend walk to be in nature.

Schwanheimer Düne, 60529 Frankfurt am Main 


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