A handmade yoga muesli from Frankfurt

Hi Julia, you live in Frankfurt and have your own atelier, where you bake muesli. What made you come up with this idea?

I have a few food intolerances and IBS. But I love baked muesli / granola. So I couldn't keep up buying the muesli packages, that you find in the supermarket or organic store. Then I have started to experiment a little bit and created my own favorite mix. This is how „Gebrannte Mandel Crunchy Müsli“ was born! It's the first product in our range of Crunchy Queen. And then it all developped from over there and it was soon no longer a hobby :)  

What's new about the yoga muesli?

The yoga muesli is the first non-baked muesli (so no granola), but a a dry muesli mix. But it's anything else than simple porridge. It has a very delicious taste and is a little bit crispy.I always focus on a main idea for each product. So this muesli is focussing on gut health and was inspired by ayurveda. The dried figs and shredded linseeds are important for a healthy gut. Sunflower seeds and coconut chips include healthy fats and a little bit of crunchyness. The muesli is topped up with my favorite magic spice-mix: Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and piment. This muesli is total universal - you can eat it like muesli, as a porridge  or as muesli milkshake. You can even use it to make energy balls.

During the corona crisis you went for the extra mile for your customers and employees. What did you do to keep your heart business alive?

I wanted to make the most out of this difficult time and spread joy. That's why I came up with some great promotions. First we made sme handmade chocolate and then we have created some special Easter postcards for our customers, that they could send to their families. I also introduced some other small start-ups on my social media channels and connected customers with each other. Besides, we did a relaunch of our online-shop www.crunchyqueen.de - my team and husband helped me a lot with this. I strongly believe in what my husband's father used to say:


"Every bad situstion, also creates something positive."


What are your best kept secret food spots in Frankfurt? 

Even during corona we have ordered several times a week at our favorite restaurants in Heddernheim. We took the bikes and made stops at our fave foody restaurants in Heddernheim / Praunheim: Stöffche, Nassauer Hof, Pizzeria Antico, Pizzeria and Cimino. I also like the "Trinity" (best bowl in town) and the "Krapao" (Thai), that are a little bit outside of our neighborhood, but always worth a visit.


Thank you for your time, Julia!