A job and life that feels aligned with YOU

Sometimes with jobs it happens that you wake up and you feel like „I can’t do this job any longer“. Like a shoe, that is no longer fitting and that starts to hurt.


There is not that 1 single job out there for you

Most of the people, especially the millennials and the Generation Y won’t do one job only during their entire life. They make swaps, change industries and roles. And that is just normal. We are living in a fast-paced environment and skills that are required today, might be no longer valuable in the future, because new skills will get more important. We are living in times where change is inevitable. What is change anyway? It means life. Life is all about change. And if you are practicing yoga you are probably looking for changes in your life. But what you are rally looking for is probably transformation. How does transformation and change differ from each other? Well, if you go through a transformation, there is actually no way back to your old patterns, your old life, or your old job, because you have changed as a person.


My own story

For me personally, finding my way and purpose in life was  - and still is - a path that hasn’t fully unfolded yet. I remember that after my first corporate marketing job at an airline in Switzerland, I felt kind of lost. That’s when I did my first career coaching in Berlin. We have figured out my strengths and the things I enjoy doing and that I’m good at. It was a one day coaching and at the end of the day I have asked my coach: „So where do I find this dream  job?“ She answered: “Don’t focus too much on the location. You have to create that job yourself.”

Today I understand that better, than in my early twenties. Especially with corona times, where remote work, has become the new thing, it is really not that much about the location anymore.

But what do we do when we want to change jobs? Well, first we look online for new jobs, right? We filter by location and enter keywords. Is this gonna bring us any results? Sure, but probably too many and we feel overwhelmed about which company is the right one for us.

During my yoga teacher training we were speaking a lot about astrology, too. Apparently, every 7 years major planet shifts come into your life, that may take your life a little bit upside down. 2013 was such a year for me, when I lived in Paris. Although it was nice to be in Paris, that city brought a lot of challenges into my life. So now 7 years later, we are in 2021 and apparently life holds up some new challenges for me again.

To clear up mind during lockdown, I tidied up my apartment and found a postcard of Aha Retreats, that I picked up at a yoga event some time ago. I went on their website and bumped into their free webinar. It is in German but easy to understand and it is the right session for everyone who looks for a change in their professional and personal life. If you like this free webinar and their approach, you might wanna check out their paid course, too.



About the course of Aha Retreats

This video-course focusses a lot about the first phase on how to change your (job) life, which is about getting to know yourself.

The course is going to take you around 6-8 weeks to complete it all. You cannot skip any chapters and rush forward because the chapters are unlocked one after another.

The training starts with some basic theory such as:

  • What is happiness?
  • How does the human brain work?
  • And why are changes so hard for us and the brain to process?


There are a lot of worksheets too. They are not all necessarily job related but focus on your skills. So what are you good at? What do you enjoy doing, and where is the sweet spot between the two? The two founders, Marion and Steffi also share their private stories and how they made the shift to leave their previous jobs in order to build up her own location-independent business. They also share some stories of former retreat participants, which is kind of inspiring.



Sometimes the path unfolds while you walk it

You get to know a lot of tools in the course, such as how you perceive yourself and how others see you. It’s actually fun to ask some other close friends to tell you what’s your strengths from their point of view. You’ll be surprised about their answers. Another exercise is: What would you do if you still have one year to live before you die? What are you going to do? Who is with you?

This coaching a lot about your values and priorities in life and should help you to understand your needs better, so that you can adjust your life accordingly. Sometimes we don’t need to change jobs, but maybe just change the industry or start a side project. Sometimes it’s the surrounding or your colleagues or the space, where you work, that doesn’t really feel aligned with your needs. You are also required to think about what could be the smallest step, that you could do to come closer to your big dream. If you do plenty of tiny steps in a new direction, a new path will also unfold.

The course is part one of a three phases “design your life & job” circle. Most of the people skip the first phase (Getting to know yourself) and then they find themselves in the same frustrating situation again after a couple of months, just in a new job. Happiness is always an inside job, and most of the people look for it from the outside. For those, who want to jump deeper into the topic, the two female founders offer an in-depth retreat in a wooden chalet in the mountains, where you can also exchange with other fellow retreat participants. They follow a design-thinking strategy, which means that you always test your ideas of a new job or a new life first, before  you go all in. Test- optimize – test again. It’s a circle and the focus is not on the final destination, but what you learn during your journey. A bit like yoga, actually.


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It is work – but hey you do it for yourself

I liked the very structured approach of the course. At the beginning I wanted to rush a little bit through the process and wanted to do as many lectures at the weekend as possible and kind of felt frustrated when they were not unlocked yet. The webinar however is designed to also give you time and space. Sometimes you do an exercise and you have to sleep over it to reflect about it. This webinar is bringing up topics that you might not want to deal with. It brought a little bit of disruption into my own life as well. Suddenly you might not question only your job, but your entire life. So you have to be open minded for that type of information and be open for change mentally. It’s great that you can do it at home and you can always come back to the tools even after a few months or years. Sometimes our needs just change and we have to look inwards again and ask ourselves really, what feels still aligned with us. So this webinar is perfect if you want to understand the base. In case you need exchange in addition to this self-learn variant, they offer the possibility of a dedicated focus-group. You will be matched with three people who will be your “travel companions” in this phase of change. An extended version is the offline group coaching in the chalet in the mountains – which follows-up onto the online-course. You then also get accountability buddies next to your side in order to get into execution and an encouraging team spirit. Also this makes it way more committed.


Your bonus

I did not join the focus-group nor the coaching retreat, but I think it’s a nice idea to combine travel and learning at a lovely space somewhere outside of your normal environment. If you also feel like that you have to make that inner work first and want to learn more about yourself, then check out their online -course (without the focus group)*. With the code ENGLISHYOGA you’ll get 50 Euro off on this course.


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To new beginnings and plenty of new insights!




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