An eye for detail

Lorene, you are an expat from Singapore, who lives in Mainz and works in Frankfurt. What made you come to Germany?

My reason for coming here is quite cliché and I am always quite embarrassed to admit it, but I came because I was in love. I chose Frankfurt as I was really interested in the Anglophone Literature and Media M.A offered at the Goethe University of Frankfurt. I graduated recently and I am really thrilled about that!


As a side hustle, you love to take photos - especially portraits and of couples. What makes you happy in your job when you work as a photographer?

I started out as a fashion photographer, and it began with a desire to capture beautiful people, things, and moments. As I continue working as a professional photographer, I really find joy in helping my clients tell and celebrate their unique life stories through photography. A beautiful picture is pleasurable to look at, but I want to create something that is also memorable and meaningful for my clients. Of course, being a photographer also means that you get to meet different people from all walks of life and I really appreciate that about my job.


There are people, who don't feel beautiful in front of a camera. How do you help them to feel comfortable?

Firstly, there is the technical aspect of things such as styling - making sure that they are wearing clothes that complement their figure and having make-up which brings out their best features — as well as angles, poses, and lighting. However, I also bring it upon myself as a photographer to provide reassurance to my clients. During our shoot, I want them to feel that they are taking pictures with their friend instead of this stranger clicking away behind the camera. So usually, good music, snacks, and jokes are the perfect ingredients for helping people forget about their insecurities, be themselves, and have fun during the photo shoot.


What tips would you give to other female expats, who would like to work on their passion side project?

Turning your passion into a business can seem daunting, and before having to decide to invest all your time, money, and energy into it, you can simply start planning to see how feasible your idea is and if it is something you would truly enjoy doing in the long run. Another important question to ask yourself is why would you want to do this? Be it to serve others, help the environment, or whatever your reason may be, make sure that there is a purpose behind your work that truly resonates with you, and that will keep you going during your journey.

Thank you for your time, Lorene!


Your gift

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By the way, Lorene has also shooted most of our yoga events outdoors, take a look: