Jolie au natural: Natural local skincare

Jacqueline, what made you come up with the idea to create your own plantbased skincare line called "Jolie au naturel"? 
The idea was born 3 years ago. I discovered an app, that you could use to scan cosmetics and food. I was shocked! 90% of all skin care products had microplastics inside or weird ingredients. I grew up with the concept of  naturopathy. So I was aware that all harmful substances from cosmetics enter our body through our largest organ - the skin. My trust in the cosmetics industry was broken and the belief in creating a sustainable and healthy skin care line was born. 


Together with the know-how of my father, an alternative practitioner, and my mother, a qualified beautician, we have put together a mix of active ingredients after spending the nights with lot of research. It was important to me to develop a skincare product that is pure and high quality that you could actually drink it.  Skinfood for the skin, pure and natural.

The milestone was set in mid-2018. Jolie au naturel entered the German market and after 3 months the Swiss market. All customers who bought the products reported finer and smoother skin appearance due to the high-quality and pure ingredients only just a few days after the application.

My daughter Leni Jolie inspired me to name my cosmetic brand. Jolie - the French word for "pretty" is therefore not only a name, but has been created from the heart and has a great meaning for me.

Jolie au naturel was developed with a lot of passion and contains only natural ingredients. It is made with love by hand, always fresh and in small batches only. The earth has brought the best skin care to the market, we just have to use it!

How do you choose the ingredients and where are the products created?

The special thing about my brand are the unique ingredients. The base of the serums consists of organic flower water such as organic rose water and organic witch hazel water. So the products consist of 100% active ingredients and not just water. It's a 2 in 1 formula - so it's like a toner and high-quality facial care in one product. I selected the ingredients according to their effect and texture. All raw materials are vegan, organic quality and fair trade.

The "Hyaluronserum" consists of organic witch hazel water. It is said to have a more antioxidant effect than vitamin E and refines the pores when used continuously. The well-tried anti-ageing oil Bio Wildrose nourishes the serum with 3 times unsaturated alpha-linolenic acid, has a high vitamin A & C content as well as beta-carotene and promotes collagen production. The organic cucumber seed oil provides a freshness kick with lots of minerals such as silicon, potassium and sodium. This oil is considered a moisture booster, stimulates cell renewal with its high content of phytosterols, vitamin B1, E, and vitamin C. Due to the double power of the hyaluron high molecular weight, the moisture is bound in the upper skin layer and gives an immediate cushioning effect. The low-molecular hyaluron binds the moisture in the deeper skin layers and serves as a perfect moisturizer.

The "Avocado Cacay Serum" contains the well-known organic rose water for night care. Due to its ph-neutralizing properties it balances every skin type. Wrinkles are softened and give new resilience and elasticity.  The organic avocado oil also has a balancing effect and is rich in vitamins A, B, D, E and unsaturated fatty acids.  It is rounded off with the anti-ageing oil Bio Wildrose, with its high content of vitamins and beta carotene, it promotes collagen production.  The exclusivity is rounded off by the miracle oil from the fairtrade rainforest Cacay oil. It contains twice as much vitamin E and linoleic acid as 3 times more retinol than rose hip oil. It is also hyped by its high content of vitamin A and the many minerals and proteins. The natural collagen beta-glucan acts as natural collagen and rounds off the avocado cocoa serum as a rich anti-aging serum.

The decongestant eye care "Wakup Eye Serum" is based on organic rose water. Due to its ph-neutralizing properties it balances every skin type. Wrinkles are softened and give new elasticity and resilience. The organic cucumber seed oil & organic prickly pear seed oil, the anti aging miracle from the desert, is especially for the sensitive eye area. It gives a fresh kick and supplies many minerals such as silicon, potassium and sodium. Paired with the hyaluron it acts as a moisture booster and cushions small wrinkles through the high-molecular hyaluron and binds the moisture in the skin layer through the low-molecular hyaluron for a long-term effect. Coffee and arnica have a blood circulation-promoting and thus firming effect. It fights swollen eyes and dark circles.

Not only the ingredients are unique, but also the production of the Jolie au naturel products. They are lovingly produced by hand in a regional manufactory in the traditional way. 


What is your personal wellness or slow life tip?

The most important thing for my balance in life is to be in harmony with myself. Only a person who loves and respects him- or herself and lives consciously, radiates true beauty from within.The mindfulness already starts with eating. You are what you eat. The use of organic products and the fresh preparation are key. The intestine is well known to be our second brain. S o if it is doing well, we are doing well holistically. The messenger substances are sent from there to our whole body and organs, including our skin. By the way, for beauty from within, Jolie will be launching a great beauty shot for the skin in the near future. Wellness is partt of my daily care routine. Every morning I treat myself to a five minute massage with my rose quartz face roller for a smoothing lymph massage. 

My absolute go slow life tip for my soul is to start every day with yoga, even if it is only 15 minutes. My daily yoga routine grounds me for the whole day to glide through the day in a calm and relaxed way. Nature also gives me a lot of energy, so I usually spend my lunch break with walks. The trees in the parks and woods give me an incredible amount of energy and ground me.


Can you tell us more about yoour Book "My green home"?

My interview in the My Green Home book came about by a wonderful coincidence. The three girls from My Green Home magazine discovered my products. They were immediately enthusiastic about the effect and the story behind Jolie au naturel. My Green Home reflects the Jolie philosophy of how we can live together in harmony with nature and create a sustainable home. In five chapters - MyGreenKitchen, MyGreenCleaning, MygreenBathroom, MyGreenLiving, MyGreenLife - you will receive valuable green tips and tricks.

I had the honour to contribute six valuable pages to this wonderful book. Here I give you environmentally friendly and alternative care tips to make your everyday life even greener. I also give you some great do-it-yourself recipes for creating sustainable care from simple household remedies. A moisturizing cucumber mask, natural tooth bleaching, detox bath -  and a few more recipes are waiting for you.

Our mother nature provides us with everything we need to live healthy and take care of ourselves, therefore Jolie au naturel uses only pure ingredients from nature and sustainable packaging. I recommend the book " your guide to a sustainable life" to everyone who wants to contribute to a more sustainable life.


Thank you for your time, Jacqueline!


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