Meet Ann-Cathrin: About morning routines, hidden Munich spots and the smell of fresh bread

What are your favorite places so far in your new city?

Since I moved here in July and with the whole corona situation, moving to a new city and starting a new job there wasn’t much to explore. But I can say that I do like the English Garden and all its energy, so many people doing all kind of different sports. This impressed me very much. I saw cheerleaders and yogis practicing, people dancing salsa, communities of acro yogis and everything you can imagine. I think that is kind of magical that such one place, has got space for everyone who wants to join. I also like the variety of food you can get here. I left like I was in Vietnam when I found that authentic Vietnamese restaurant Chi Thu in Glockenbach. I also loved the Ice Cream at Gecobli in Schellingstrasse - such a nice and welcoming place.

You like strong yoga sequences. What's your favorite pose and why?

I love to challenge myself. I like to do yoga and be totally sweaty and tired. So I can feel that I did a hard body workout. I sit the hole time while I work and when I do yoga then, I want my muscles to feel the power and the energy running through my bones. I love the feeling of being totally exhausted. So my favorite pose is the crow pose. It reminds that everything is possible. And sometimes you just have to change a small angle and you can reach what you want. Like when I do crow pose and I look down to the floor, probably I will fall, but when I lift up my head, I will find the perfect balance.

Yoga teacher in the evening and translator during daytime. How do you manage these two lives?

I am very lucky that I am allowed to organize my work by myself. So I can decide more or less, what time I start. Since I love to stand up early in the morning, I can finish my work in the early afternoon resulting that I have enough time for yoga. I always liked two wake up early. Since I was a little kid my father used to go running around 5am, he used to be a baker I think that’s the reason I like the air and the stillness in the morning. Or the smell fresh bread. I love that.


What are the new habits or rituals that you have created for yourself during corona times?

I started an online silent meditation challenge for 21 Days, in May. There was a very lovely online group meeting every day at 5:30 AM for half hour. So I tried meditation for the first time in my life and actually liked it. Since then I challenge myself to do it every day. Not alway at 5:30am but when I wake up. My second habit would be to enjoy my morning coffee the most I can. I try to drink it with awareness and alone. It is kind of a meditation. I feel that since the first lock down I am not in a rush anymore. Its like the world slowed down. I used to wake up in a rush, get ready for work, drinking my coffee wile I was running to the metro. Now I take my time to enjoy little things and to be aware of what is around me.


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