Meet Constanze from Moonlight Flower: A brand for self-care

Constanze, you create meditation pillows and candles? Are all your products handmade by you in Munich?

Yes, all my products are made by me in my atelier in Munich. This is the stepping stone for really understanding my products in and out, creating a small supply chain and because I really enjoy making these products with my own hands. 


What inspired you to start off with your business?

I always knew I wanted to create my own business. After finishing my studies in fashion design I played with the idea of creating an accessory label but something always felt off about making another fashion brand. It was during that time that I started to do yoga and really connected more to my inner world and the different healing modalities out there. That's when the circle started to close and I knew I wanted to mix these different passions and skills and create my own brand, where I get to fuse these different passions and turned it into a lifestyle!



What does the name "Moonlight Flower" stand for?

When I think of Moonlight Flower, I see this image of a flower bathing herself in the moonshine. As my products are curated for women to invite them into creating a space of healing, connecting and shining light on hidden aspects of themselves, that come out, once they are in the stillness and fully in their own presence, I felt the name depicts this visually quite well.



What are your favorite hidden places in Munich?

My favourite hidden places in Munich are definitely the Northern part of the English Garden, you feel like you are in the wild, it's not very crowded and if you are lucky you see a heard of sheep grazing through the park which really defines the Munich vibe of city meets tradition and countryside!
I also love Tushita Teehaus in Glockenbachviertel because they fuse simplicity with quality together so well and they make the most amazing cakes!!

How do you calm down when life gets busy? Do you have any special rituals?

I’m a huge advocate for self-care and not overstepping your limits because I truly believe once you step out of your personal alignment, take on too much and become stressed, you are creating imbalance within the soul, mind and body. This is also why I created my brand, to help people with their self-care rituals and for creating that personal wellness sanctuary at home to help when life gets too busy.

My special rituals definitely always involve lighting candles, playing music, meditating, conscious breathing and of course yoga. :)


Thank you for your time, Constanze!