Meet Eli: About art, face yoga and seeking inner beauty

Eli, you are an engineer by profession. How did you find your passion for face yoga? 

Through art. I also studied fine art and one of my favorite motifs is the portrait. The face is truly the bearer of countless stories and its beauty has always fascinated me. I am a beauty seeker - with face yoga I always discover the outer and inner beauty of myself and others. It is priceless!

If you do face yoga, can you change how your face looks like?  

With Face yoga, we can change the face over time to the extent that we gain muscle volume, facial lifting, the skin improves, and as a result we can also have fewer wrinkles. But above all, we change our view and attitude towards ourselves. Both require time and consistency of exercise. For me, it’s a journey to myself, to make contact between face, breath and body. It is essential that we fall in love with our body and face all over again.

Is face yoga a good tool to prevent early signs of aging?  

Yes, it is an ideal natural way to maintain a youthful appearance, but we can even improve the existing condition. Because face yoga (as I teach it) works holistically on us, not just on the face. We also light up from the inside - this means that the glow in our eyes can return, our skin glows, the smile is more authentic - all this strongly affects our face. Because the face tells everything about us, it is like a map of our life. We can have the most beautiful facial features, but if the eyes are tired and without a glow and if the smile is forced, then the face can look more aged and empty. It’s not just wrinkles that make us “old,” but our relationship to ourselves and life.

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