Cycling is the new way to go

If you are living in the city, you can most probably do without a car. However with corona virus, a lot of people have started to avoid public transport and switched to cycling instead.


So if you are still looking for a hassle-free bike, you might wanna consider Swapfiets. The Dutch brand offers bikes, that you can rent for ca. 19 Euro (if you are a student it's cheaper) per month. It comes with a locker, a proper light etc. If anything is wrong with your bike you can text them via the app and they will fix it or swap the bike within 24hours. You can cancel the contract every month - all the registration is online and super easy.

The Dutch bikes come in different shapes, but they all have this fancy blue tyre in the front ;) They are available in most German cities and also abroad. Make the world a greener place! 

Happy and safe cycling! 

You get a discount of 7,50 Euro on your first monthly rent, if you enter the code SOLVEIG57433 on their website: