Tajda, a lot of the people from the generation y or the millennial generation are struggling with how to find their path in life. Is that a luxury problem?

No, not in my opinion. It just shows a huge shift in consciousness we're witnessing right now. For previous generations - our parents and grandparents - survival was very much at the forefront of their lives. They needed jobs to survive, to bring food to the table, to fulfill their basic needs and there was hardly any room for desire and purpose and finding their path. But now it's very different. Most of us don't have to worry about pure survival and in comparison to back then, there is so much of everything, which means that we now get to focus on our desires, on finding our purpose, on excitement, on creating fulfilling lives. And this is where a lot of frustrations come from - in trying to match the old beliefs that were rooted in the survival-mode and are still in the collective consciousness ("study and get a well-paid job so you'll be safe and secure") and the desires of our heart and our soul ("do what you love and what lights you up, even though it may seem riskier"). If you're feeling lost and trying to find your path, follow what lights you up and what you're good at and see where it takes you. What do you love doing? What comes easy to you? What excites you? What could you talk about all day long? I always loved this saying "If you have a gift to share with the world, there are people who are meant to receive it." Go for it.


Why do you think it's sometimes good to have a coach - I mean, we have partners, family, and friends, who can also give advice?

There are so many benefits. Working with a coach offers you support and structure so that you can reach your desired results (internal or external) and truly rise and elevate yourself. It's very focused towards an end result - on overcoming your specific challenges and blocks, finding aligned strategies to reach your goals, working on your self-worth or confidence... Then there's also the accountability factor - change happens when we start taking action and implementing changes into our lives and it's often easier to do that when you have someone by your side who can hold you accountable. When we're left to our own devices we often postpone action steps and find excuses (because of our blocks). And there's nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't bring us closer to what we want to achieve. With a coach, we start taking responsibility for our results and action, especially when there is a monetary component involved. Then there's this sense of relief and inspiration when someone supports you, believes in you, sees your full potential and your inherent worth, and constantly holds that version of you in front of you, even when it's hard for you to see it. Working with a coach will always elevate you to the next level because as you become more and more aware of yourself, of what you want, of who you are, you start living your authentic self, and your whole life transforms (your relationships, your career, your finances, your confidence etc.).


How did you come to the coaching profession?

It was my mom who suggested it to me. I was always very empathetic and a good listener, but it never occurred to me that I could it into a career, nor was I that familiar with coaching at the time. I almost studied psychology, but then I got into law and just went with that path for a while. Which just shows that life often doesn't have a straight path, it has twists and turns and surprises along the way. But having been practicing it for a year now, it's one of the most rewarding professions, certainly for me. There are just no words to describe the gratitude and happiness I feel when my clients start discovering how beautiful and worthy they are, to see them reaching their goals and stepping into their leadership, making brave and aligned choices, and start fully living their lives.




What's your coaching niche?

I practice transformational coaching, which focuses on a deeper transformation. In my experience, simply changing the outside circumstances without looking at our inner world doesn't bring long-lasting transformation because our outer world will always just be a reflection of our inner world. You see what you believe. So even if you change your outer world, you will inevitably keep on stumbling over the same blocks because you haven't addressed them in your inner world. But when you start from the inside out by changing your inner world, when you lovingly transform any blocks that have been holding you back (fears, limiting beliefs, thoughts, judgments, etc.), when you recognize your inherent self-worth and the limitlessness of your potential... you will inevitably change your outer world. You start making different decisions, inviting different people into your life, envisioning more for yourself and your future. And that's where long-lasting change happens. Once you feel your power and your worthiness you can't go back to the old way of functioning anymore.



One more final thing, how do you stay positive during the grey and cold months? Any self-care advice for us?

I keep on putting my focus on what I love, what's working, what I can do, and what I'm grateful for. And that goes for the time of the year, the pandemic, contrasting situations I experience, anything... Where focus goes, energy flows, so I've trained myself to constantly shift my focus to things, activities, and thoughts that feel good to me and support me. (That doesn't mean I don't have bad days, I definitely do, but I can now get out of that mindset much faster than I did before.) I also make my wellbeing a priority every day and give myself what I need. That could be rest, sleep, doing something creative, practicing yoga, spending time with myself, doing mindset work... I would encourage you to create a daily spiritual practice (meditation, journaling, affirmations, channeling, sound baths...) because that will help keep you in high vibration and high vibration is what will allow ideas and creativity to flow, help you find solutions, attract your desires... Keep on moving your body (go for walks, do yoga, exercise...), which will clear out your emotions and help you let go of stagnant energy, get some fresh air and connect with nature, be creative - bake, cook, draw, sing, paint... - express yourself in whichever ways feels good to you. Be present with everything you do. And most importantly - be there for yourself.

Thank you, Tajda for your time!



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