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Shirley, you work as an online yoga teacher on YouTube and nutrition coach. How did you make that move after your business studies?

I knew during my studies what I was studying was not my passion. It took me a while to figure out what I really wanted to do. At the end I knew that I wanted to make an online career in the nutrition and wellness field. So I made a plan!

I decided to work with my university degree to pay my bills and my yoga teacher training. After my graduation as a yoga teacher I quit my Job as a Tax Associate and jumped right in to being self employed and teaching full time! I taught Yoga Classes full time in Hanover for nearly 3 years. And I loved it! Teaching full time in different settings with different students gave me a lot of confidence in my teaching skills.

Around 2 years into teaching full time I met my now fiancé, startet and successfully finished my beauty nutrition education and spoke a lot with him about my dream of working and teaching online. He encouraged me to give it a try and overcome my fears which were holding me back.

So I started my Youtube channel 'my yoga corner TV' while continuing teaching in person and I also made my fiancé my camera men for all my yoga videos!
It was a transition that wasn’t always easy. I had to overcome fear and self doubt. Meanwhile I learned a lot through trial and error about editing, filming, self confidence and slowly building an audience.

Nearly a year ago my fiancé and I moved in together in Brandenburg. He is working in the airline industry so his job requires a lot of flexibility concerning his place of residence. It was the perfect opportunity for me to fully commit to working just online. Like a little wink from the universe to go all in. Now I am building my lovely 'my yoga corner' community, sharing my passion for healthy recipes, skin health, yoga und positive thinking online and I couldn’t be more happy with what I do.

On your blog you focus a lot on "beauty food". What is your favorite beauty food recipe and how does it make us more beautiful?

I am a total beauty food lover! My favourite beauty foods are by far superfoods.Knowing that a lot of people think they are hyped. But in my opinion the food we eat today are not that nutritious than the foods our grandparents were eating. Superfoods are very nutrient-rich foods with a lot more healthy antioxidants than our normal food, which is very beneficial for our health and well-being.

My absolut favorite beauty food for years now, is raw cacao! I add it to my favourite recipe of all times: my hot beauty chocolate. It is a hot chocolate drink that is nothing but healthy.Who wouldn’t love a healthy hot chocolate which is absolutely guilt free and makes you more beautiful!


Beautifying Hot Chocolate Recipe

For one cup of the hot beauty chocolate you just mix 1 tbsp raw cacao powder with 1 tsp cinnamon and 250ml of your favourite heated plant based milk (I personally love vanilla oat milk with it the most). Than add 1-2 tsp coconut sugar or honey to sweeten it to your taste.


You can mix all ingredients together in your mixer so that it will combine smoothly and you get the most amazing foam!

Raw cacao makes us more beautiful because of its high capacity of antioxidants, minerals as well as its phytochemicals. They basically work as skin protectants.
Raw Cacao beauty benefits:


  • It can help with reducing acne, breakouts and skin allergies
  • It helps with its high copper content to keep the natural colour of our hair longer and prevent premature wrinkle formation
  • Its zinc content supports the healing process of the skin for an efficient wound healing process and the reduction of dry skin

Raw cacao is really high in healthy flavanols which can protect your skin in the sun. A study shows that people who consume high-flavanols chocolate (raw cacao) for 12 weeks were able to stay twice as long under UV light before their skin started to redden!

The flavanols also improve skin conditions and reduce signs of ageing through improving the blood flow to the skin and increasing skin thickness and skin hydration. It even can reduce sings of ageing through sun damage! I could go on for ages with the benefits of raw cacao. It is so tasty, delicious and so good for your overall health and beauty!

In your latest series, you focus on the female cycle. Do you adjust your nutrition according to your menstruation cycle?

Yes! After digging deeper in the nutrition science regarding hormonal health I discovered so much about which food is most beneficial for each of the four phases of the female cycle. Most shockingly I found out that period problems were optional and not something normal, like most of us women belief due to missing knowledge. No one ever taught us about our second clock and how we can use it to our advantage instead of thinking we have to suffer every month just because we are women.

So I startet incorporating different healthy foods in different phases of my cycle. Now my PMS is gone and I feel so much more in tune with my body and my energy. Every day I make sure that at least one of my meals consists of foods for my current cycle phase. It is really easy and the benefits are tremendous.

Which advice would you give other women if they feel really low energy wise or painful during their period ?

My best advice is to start cycle syncing for long term health and happiness in every phase of your cycle. Pain, low energy and mood swings are a sign that your hormones are out of balance.

What you can do to start balance out your hormones, that will make a big difference:


  • Skip the coffee (it messes with our hormones and deprives us of nutrients), sugar and to much salt (the two main factors for bloating and painful cramps).
  • Focus on eating foods rich in B vitamins like sweet potatoes and sesame seeds which help with cramps and mood swings.
  • Eat omega 3 fatty acids like chia and flax seeds too reduce pain during your period as well as magnesium found in foods like raw cacao and pumpkin seeds, to deal with stress, mood- and energy swings.


Check out her German videos & recipes: https://www.myyogacorner.de/


Thank you for the interview, Shirley and your time!



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