Gift Ideas for Yogis

This year it's all about supporting small entrepreneurs and find some meaningful gifts for you, your family and best friends. Here are our favorite picks from Etsy - get inspired!
1. Cork Yoga Mat
Skip plastic and practice on a sustainable yoga mat.
Copyright: Etsy, TimUndJane
2. Voucher
We all strive for that feeling to feel good in our bodies - mentally and physically. You can't go wrong with a gift voucher of English Yoga Meetup.
3. Coconut Bowl
Start your day with a healthy breakfast with this bowl, that brings you back to Bali in your mind. 
Copyright: Etsy, BaluBowls
4. Namaste Shirt
Simple white shirt, that is a perfect match with blue jeans. Great on and off the mat.
 Copyright: Etsy, mateeshop

5. Yoga Mat Makramee Style
Carry your mat with style. This bag is quite unique and handmade. Boho vibes.
Copyright: Etsy, WildBohoStories
6. Bamboo Thermos
Helps you to drink enough throughout the day.
7. Yoga Bolster
Upgrade your yoga home practice with some yoga bolsters, that are stylish and helpful for yin poses.
Copyright: Etsy, Maglovia
8. Vision Board Cards
Positive vibes everyday and motivation to chase your dreams.
Copyright: Etsy, TheInspiredStories

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