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Thursdays: Yoga x The Munich Collective (Schwabing-West, 8:15pm)

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The Munich Collective is a yoga studio in Schwabing-West, which is minimalist, yet cozy at the same time. We meet here for our late class at 8:15pm to slow down after a busy day.

Your teacher will work both on the body and mind part. We keep it moving and dynamic, but there will be also phases to slow down. The space has a big mirror on one side, so that you can correct yourself. However, you can also close your eyes to feel into the poses. The classes are open for all levels. Simply bring a mat with you.

It is good to come 10min in advance of the class, so that you can still grab a free tea and don't start your practice in a rush.

See you on the mat.




⚕️ HEALTH SCREENING: For significant injuries or limitations, please consult a doctor before starting a new physical activity.


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Location: Munich - The Munich Collective, Belgradstrasse 66