English Yoga Meetup offers affordable yoga pop-up classes in Frankfurt and Munich as well as online live stream classes. The community began as a small yoga group in Frankfurt founded by the German yoga teacher Solveig on the Meetup app in 2017.

It started with a trip

During my 5 months sabbatical in Australia in 2017, I did my yoga teacher training, because I had suffered from chronic back pain and wanted to learn more about human anatomy and a way to treat my pain naturally. During the training, I realised that I like to teach. So back from my trip, I have launched a yoga group on the Meetup app. Only three days after my return and still jet-lagged I held my first class in the park with only two students. 

The concept was born

In summer 2018 the city Frankfurt prohibited any kind of outdoor sport in the parks. I was forced now to rent locations now in order to not get fined. Out of this the concept “Discover your city by doing yoga” was born. I have rented several locations in Frankfurt and people met up there to do yoga together. It was amazing – especially with all the outdoor locations and rooftop yoga sessions.

What thrives us

The goal was to make yoga affordable again so that everyone can benefit from it – not just the people with higher income. I also wanted to make yoga accessible to international people, who don’t necessarily speak German. During my travels I have noticed how hard it is to do yoga, if you don’t understand the instructions. I also have an international circle of friends in Frankfurt and noticed that people struggle with the German language. Working in a yoga studio didn’t work out for me, because I still have my full time job in digital marketing. So, I needed to come up with my own side business, that allows me to teach, when I have time.

Munich Launch

In 2019 we have also launched in Munich, because a few people have asked me if I couln't organize something similar over there. I took it as a sign from the universe and in August 2019 we were running our first class over there.

Corona reset

In March I had to cancel all classes of English Yoga Meetup. I couldn't sleep. The back pain came back. After a few days of thinking over everything, I have moved all classes to online as live stream classes. The first class was odd, but my very first class in the park three years ago was odd too. Now, I have friends from abroad, that can join the online classes, too.
We are slowly adapting to the new situation and try to get our amazing teachers back with their classes. We have also started to run webinars about healthy lifestyle online, which is pretty amazing. I am excited where this journey will lead us all together.
See you on the mat!
Founder of English Yoga Meetup