Every place has a story.

AMAROO mats is a yoga brand dedicated to eco mats. Each mat is based on real paintings created by self-taught artist Solveig, the founder of English Yoga Meetup. "AMAROO" is an Aboriginal term that means "beautiful place". It was in Australia that the artist's love for outdoor yoga began. The AMAROO concept was inspired by the movements of yoga flows as well as beautiful places from all around the world. And, by using the fluid pouring technique, the artist creates this sense of fluidity and beauty as the acrylic colours flow onto and across the canvas.

the Australia Collection

What drives us:

Our mats are designed to allow your mind to travel whilst simultaneously allowing you the feeling of coming home to yourself. With every mat sold we support the Malala Fund - an organisation that supports girls in underprivileged regions get access to secondary education.

With our mats our goal is to inspire you on and off the mat, to become the powerful human being that you are, by finding your "inner flow". Also, we want to improve the world by creating a meaningful impact to empower women, one mat at a time.

What matters to us:

Finding Flow

Every painting has been created by hand in Frankfurt. The colours flow along the canvas and also long side down across the yoga mat. The acrylic pouring technique inspires you to find your "flow state" during your practice. You can choose between vibrating and calming designs.

Sustainable Processes

The base of the mats is made from natural tree rubber: non-toxic, sustainable and biodegradable. For the surface of each mat, we use recycled PET from plastic bottles as a microfiber topping. To keep our CO2 footprint low, our mats arrive via railway from the manufacturer. Furthermore, we avoid any additional plastic packaging when shipping the mats.

Female Empowerment

We want to create social impact in the world by supporting female empowerment and gender equality in terms of education. Therefore with every mat sold we donate to the Malala Fund to empower girls around the world to get access to school education.

Flexible Lifestyle

Heading to the yoga class straight from work? Or, meeting a friend after yoga? Carrying a big yoga mat on top of your laptop and other belongings can be a challenge at times. So, for easy transport and to keep your hands free we kept it lightweight as well as easy to fold to the size of a MacBook.

Support Local

With every purchase you are supporting a small female entrepreneur run business from Frankfurt, that also organizes regular pop up yoga classes for the local community. The classes are held in English to bridge the gap between locals, expats and travellers. We take pride in collaborating with local partners, locations, models and photographers.

Passion Project

Our mats are here to inspire you: to travel the world, to connect with your body on a physical and mental level and to inspire you to chase your own passion projects in life. If you take your mat to a beautiful place, tag us with #amarootribe - we can't wait to see where you create memories!

How the mat designs are created:

The Artist


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