Do I need to bring a mat?

Yes please. If you do not have one, use a big towel instead. We don't borrow mats.


I have received a refund - why?
If you have received a refund from us, the class got canceled due to bad weather.


What's the class size?
It depends on the location (Indoors vs. outdoors), the corona restrictions and the teacher's preferences. Max. 15 students to keep it personal.


I won't make it to the class. Will I get a refund?
We can issue a discount code for you, that you can redeem for your next class. We don't accept refund requests 3hrs prior to the class.


It's bad weather. Will I get a refund?
In case of rain, you will get a full refund of us on the same day of the class.


The class is sold out. Can I still come around and pay in cash?
Unfortunately no. Feel free to join us another time.


Can I collaborate with / work for English Yoga Meetup somehow?
Drop us a message to discuss what you have in mind: hiatenglishyogameetup.com