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How can I use this mat?

We recommend it for outdoor yoga (on grass, sand), for travelling, as a cover mat on top the mats in the yoga studio or on top of a carpet for your yoga home practice. The yoga mat can be used for various yoga styles. Thanks to its anti-slip cover it also works for dynamic vinyasa yoga classes. It is also a great mat for pilates.

How sustainable are the mats?

Our manufacturing site is in Asia and certified according to international standards. To save CO2 we have decided to ship all goods via railway to Germany.  However the technology that is required to make recycled yoga mats is currently not available in Europe after much searching. We take pride in supporting local photographers, models and influencers. It was important to us to choose a mat material, that is already available. All of our mats are made of recycled plastic bottles. The mats are not made of silicone, PVC or Chlorine. The natural rubber bottom and suede surface were combined by applying high temperature, so there is no glue used at all. The designs are created in Germany. We try to support local where we can.

How are AMAROO yoga mats packaged?

We avoid plastic in our packaging and wrao the mats in non-bleached kraft paper.

Do you offer wholesale for your mats?

Please contact us to discuss your needs:

Are your yoga mats grippy?

Yes, all of our mats have an extra anti-slip layer on top so that you don't slip away - no matter if you have dry or sweaty hands.

Can I also pick up my order in Frankfurt?

Please contact us to arrange a date:

Are your products ethically made?

We have chosen to work with a manufacturer, that offers fair working conditions, pay and hours. The yoga mats are made from sustainable natural rubber (base) and recycled materials (top). Along with this we only order in small quantities to reduce any chance of waste. 

To whom do you donate?

We have decided to donate 1% of our yoga mat sales to the Malala Fund, that helps girls around the world to get access to secondary education. Education is key in finding solutions for the world's problems. Besides we want to empower women to make better life choices for themselves.

How do I clean the mat?

You can clean the mat at 30 degrees in the washing machine (no detergent, delicate laundry program). Do not tumble dry. Dry on air. If you want to remove excess water, put the mat into a towel to speed up the drying process. If it just needs a bit of a clean-up, use a dampl cloth with some water mixed with vinegar. Avoid essential oils.

How do I transport the mat?

You can fold the mat to the size of a MacBook so that it fits easily into your bag or backpack.

How long will the the AMAROO mat last?

Our mats are made to last. If at any time you feel like you do not want to use it anymore, you can still upcycle it as picnic blanket or carpet to give them a second life.

Which countries do you ship to?

We currently only ship within Germany.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

How can I return my mat?

The costs for the return shipping have to be covered by the client. You have ordered within the last 14 days at our shop and now would like to return your mat? We are pleased to answer your questions regarding return shipping - simply drop us a message: As soon as we have received your mat we will refund you asap.