Holistic Course

Feel happy & healthy


Deep Stretch Yoga 23min
Flow with Energy 34min
Trigger Points 10min
Gua Sha Face Massage 17min
Yoga to unwind 21min
Yoga as a lifestyle 9min


Ceremonial Cacao Preparation 5min

Nourishing Brekkie 9min

Self-Love Rituals Worksheet

The most important relationship you have, is the one with yourself. We share our 5 favorite self-love rituals, that you can do on a daily base and integrate easily into your everyday life to see major changes in how you connect with yourself.

Check out our worksheet with recommendations on how to set up a daily self-care routine! Go to Worksheet

Essential Oils 14min

Mindful Matcha Ritual 6min
Morning Rituals 8min
Energy Balls - Recipe

Don't miss out these yummy energy balls made with sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, perfect for the luteal and menstruation phase. Go to recipe

Natural Skincare Routine 6min
Ant-Inflammatory Diet 26min


Mindfulness Talk 6min

Vision Board 9min

Cycle Syncing 21min

Limiting Beliefs 9min

Digital Detox 9min

Inner & Outer Flexibility 11min

Side-Hustle Creation 9min

Begin Again 12min

Alignment 7min