How to do YOU

Session 1: It's all about flexibility 60'



Session 2: Inner & Outer flexibility 11'

Session 3: How to do digital detox 9'


Session 4: How to align your life around your core values 7'




Session 5: How to start your own side hustle 10'


How you can take your learnings from your yoga practice to your life off the mat? We have invited some inspiring women to ask the questions, that matter for us to live a healthy and happy life.


Bonus Video 1: Interview with Marion 20'

 Find the course review & bonus here


Bonus Video 2: Interview with Lara 30'

 About passion projects, values & Ayurveda Today we have invited @gurugranola to talk with her about her lovely granolas and the idea behind. Go and check out Save 10% with the code: englishyogameetsguru ☺️