Teaching yoga online


25 recommendations to help you:


1. Decide for a space in your appartment.

2. Remove everything that could be distracting.

3. Record with your laptop (smartphone is not advised, because you don't see yourself). Click on the 3 points to maximize the screen.

4. Simply copy the whereby link in your browser (use chrome or safari).

5. Adjust the volume of the sound of your laptop (not super low, but not super high either).

6. Log yourself in around 15min before the class starts, when no one is online yet. Put the camera on and check how your yoga setting shows up on the screen.

7. If you have an evening class, check the light - maybe you need an additional lamp.

8. Below your video screen you have a microphone and camera button to switch on and off.

9. You can switch on the camera 5min before the class starts (you can do sth. else though and don't have to wait 5min in front of the camera).

10. Tell people to mute camera and micro so that the quality of the video streaming is better.

11. You have a chat window below the camera screen. If you click on "people" you can see, who didn't mute the micro and tell /write them.

12. Tell the participants at the beginning of the class if they need anything special (block, belts, wall etc.).

13. We finish and start on time. Students can still join the class if they are late.

14. Tell students if they wanna have the camera on, then they gonna be seen by everyone. So just that they know - it's up to them.

15. Don't use music from Spotify or Apple Music because of the GEMA rights. Browse for loyalty free music in the internet or skip music.

16. Let me know if you wanna have your session recorded, so that you can check the quality afterwards.

17. If you have a dark mat and not much light at your space, avoid wearing black pants and a black shirt, because it doesn't show up on the screen.

18. Wait for questions /feedback via the chat after the class.

19. Switch off anything that could make noise during the class (e.g. smartphone notifications).

20. When you stand on your mat, check on the screen if you can be fully seen and you are not cut off when you are standing or move the arms to the sides.

21. Don't do to challenging, too quick yoga flows, because you can't corrects students like in a normal class. Safety first.

22. Demonstrate poses in a way so that the students can see you properly. Sometimes you have to swap sides for that.

23. If you have a good laptop, the sound will be enough and you don't need an extra external microphone.

24. To finish the class, click on the icon "leave" below the video.

25. The most important thing: Have FUN.