Cocooning Retreat - English Yoga Meetup
Cocooning Retreat - English Yoga Meetup

Cocooning Retreat

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What to expect

No need to travel to Bali to go on a retreat (although we would love to of course). But if you just wanna recharge your energy, do some yoga, practice mindfulness and learn some new skills - then you can totally do that from home too. With this online retreat series "Cocooning" we invite you to step on your mat and to get creative off the mat. 

You don't need any previous yoga knowledge for this retreat - a yoga mat, block (or books) is enough. For seven days you will get a daily email with the video of the day. You have unlimited access on all content. You can do the classes at your own pace and whenever your schedule allows.

Day 1: Yoga Flow - 60min
Day 2: Journaling - 5min
Day 3: Energizing Yoga - 52min
Day 4: Matcha Ritual 6min
Day 5: Yin & Yang Yoga - 60min
Day 6: "No" means "Yes" to you - Mindfulness Talk - 7min
Day 7: Do It Yourself: Organic Skinbar - 12min

After this retreat you will feel more inner stability and joy for life by integrating new healthy habits into your everyday life.


Good for you - good for others

One more thing: We often complain to stay at home (e.g. due to lockdown, rainy weather, quarantine). However, there are a lot of people out there, who don't even have a home. That's why we donate 10% per retreat to Malteser, a non-profit organization in Germany, that helps homeless people.  


"Thank you English Yoga Meetup. You always bring joy to people. You and this group always make me feel I am home. Namasté". - Vanessa, Philippines.

"Such a lovely idea to get people practicing together and make the city an even brighter spot. Thank you!". - Doreen, Germany

"Great opportunity for training, relaxation and meet up."- Benjamin, France

"Your wonderful classes online have done a great deal to support mental health in these trying times." - Angela, England

"After a super long yoga break during summer and autumn I joined your class today and wondered why I even stopped at all. It was super nice to be on the mat again. I really like the mix for beginners or yogis like me that need to get back to and more challenging moves. Thank you." - Sani, Stuttgart



Hi, I am Solveig, the founder of English Yoga Meetup.  I had my first yoga class  in Zurich about 10 years ago and it was a desaster. I took a break for 6 years from the mat. During my travels in Asia in 2015 I slowly got into yoga by doing yoga at beautiful places outside. In 2017, I have done a sabbatical in Australia and did my 200 hrs teacher training in the hippie place Byron Bay. I have worked in a retreat in Sydney, did some karma yoga in Adelaide and set up Frankfurt English Yoga Meetup back in my hometown after my return. I have attended further trainings in fascial yoga to learn more about how to deal naturally with chronic tensions. I have also attended a 50hrs training at Inside Yoga Frankfurt to teach Inside Yoga Flow, which is yoga on a beat. English Yoga Meetup is my side passion project and balance next to my corporate job. I love the wonderful community we have created and still feel inspired and passionate every time I jump on the mat!