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Create with Purpose Retreat

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"What if there were only 60 more holidays left in your life, or 50 more summers, or 10 more times you'll wake up early enough to watch the sunrise?  

What if there were only 15 more times you'll fall asleep listening to the ocean beat against the shore? What if you've already read your favorite book? What if you only have 3 more times to see someone you love? What if you only have one? 

How fast does that change things -  to think that maybe you do not have forever, though it feels like you have so much longer to survive? How differently will your eyes set their gaze the next time you arrive at one of those sacred moments, those irreplaceable days? How much more will you pay attention? How much more will you see?" - Brianna Wiest

"Create with purpose" is an invitation for you to explore what really matters for you in your life. In this 1 day retreat we explore what drives & prevents you from coming into action and what helps you to create the change in your job life, relationships or personal topics that you desire. By creating a protected space with people, who face the same challenges, we connect through body & mind practices that ulitmately will make you feel empowered.

Date: Sunday, 5. Feb 2023, 9:30am - 6:00pm

Location: Free soul, Weberstrasse 79, Frankfurt Nordend


What's included:
  • Opening Circle & Smudging 
  • High Vibe Morning Yoga
  • Vision Board Workshop & Visualization 
  • Healthy Plant-based Brunch & Community
  • Let go of Limitations Mindset Workshop
  • Moroccan Mint Tea Ceremony 
  • Embody your vision workshop
  • Turmeric Latte & Cake Time
  • Setting you up for success workshop 
  • Deeply Nourishing Yin Yoga
  • Closing Circle
Your hosts:
  • Tajda, Life & relationship coach @tajdaglazer
  • Solveig, Yoga & matcha guide @englishyogameetup

Bring around: Wear a comfy outfit. Make sure to bring something to cover up. You can use yoga mats from the location or bring your own.