Energetic Vinyasa Flow - English Yoga Meetup

Energetic Vinyasa Flow

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This class is the right mix of challenge and energy boost. You'll be guided through a powerful and dynamic sequence of asanas. This class is perfect for everyone, who loves a good yoga workout. Sometimes it's hard to get up from the couch and to motivate yourself to do yoga, but you will always feel better afterwards and your body will thank you later :) Duration: 60min 

How it works
Find a quiet space in your appartment (ideally close to a wall). Ensure a good wifi connection. It is recommended to use your laptop (it works also on the phone, but we don't recommend it). Have your yoga mat, a comy outfit, some pillows, yoga blocks (or books) and yoga belt (or scarf) ready. After your booking you will get the access link to the livestream class via email with further instructions.


    I am Ann-Cathrin, half German and half Brazilian. I just moved to Munich after living in Berlin, Buenos Aires and Stuttgart. My passion besides yoga is dancing and traveling. I have spent a lot of time traveling in Asia and South America. I practice yoga for 4 years now and join classes everywhere I go to explore new techniques and styles. I did my teacher training in Bali last year and since then started to teach yoga classes at various locations.