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Tuesdays: Yoga x Villa Vie Frankfurt (near Opera, 8pm)

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The Villa Vie is an old building in the Westend area of Frankfurt, right behind the "Welle". It has nostalgic charme. Think of wooden staircases and a piano in the back. The space is used for concerts, art expositions, seminars... and sometimes we rent it for yoga!

Through the 60min class you will flow through different yoga poses - some are challenging, some are easy. You can always decide on what you wanna try out. We keep it very casual. So just come as you are and don't overthink if you have the right outfit or mat. Yoga is for everyone.

The class will finish by slowing done and with some stretches. Trust me, you will sleep like a baby after this session.

Make sure to come 10min in advance to this class, so that you can enjoy a free tea and some healthy snacks downstairs in the café space.

See you on the mat.



⚕️ HEALTH SCREENING: For significant injuries or limitations, please consult a doctor before starting a new physical activity.


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Location: Frankfurt - Gärtnerweg 62, first floor