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Face Yoga

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Get to know your 57 facial muscles! With Face yoga exercises we will warm up and activate all facial muscles; and with BREATHING we will release the tension of the body. In the end follows a gentle self-massage, which can be very soothing. We can change the face over time to the extent that we gain muscle volume, facial lifting, the skin improves, and as a result we can also have fewer wrinkles. It’s a journey to yourself, to make contact between face, breath and body. Duration: 60min 

How it works
Find a quiet space in your appartment. Ensure a good wifi connection. It is recommended to use your laptop (it works also on the phone, but we don't recommend it). After your booking you will get the access link to the livestream class via email with further instructions. We use Zoom.


    Hi, I am Eli, a licensed Tao Face yoga teacher and a fan of traditional Chinese medicine. The face is a fascinating part of us as it tells countless stories. I am also very enthusiastic about reading the face - this allows me an individual approach.

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