Fri: 7pm Yoga Flow - Solveig - English Yoga Meetup

Fri: 7pm Yoga Flow - Solveig

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How you will feel after this class  

We keep it flowing for 60min and will work on all parts of your body to release any tension. After your class you will feel well in your body and ready for the weekend. 


Join Solveig (yoga team Frankfurt) for this inspiring class!

What you need:

  • quiet space in your appartment (ideally close to a wall)
  • a good wifi connection & laptop (smartphone is not recommended)
  • a yoga mat & comfy sport outfit
  • pillows or yoga belt if needed


How it works:

1. Purchase the 60min class online 
2. You'll get a confirmation email and a second email with the access link (check your spam folder, too). This takes about 5min.
3. If you don't receive a second email, reply to the first one and let us know.

 Please consult a doctor before starting a new physical activity. With your purchase, you agree that you have read and fully understand and agree to the terms of the Liability Waiver Agreement of English Yoga Meetup.