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How to establish a healthy and loving relationship with your body

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Do you often find yourself judging your body and wishing it was different?

Most of us have a strained relationship with our bodies - whether that’s because of how they look / don’t look or because of health conditions we’re struggling with. And a lot of us can easily find something “wrong” with our bodies every single day, adding to the list of judgements we already hold and making ourselves feel small in the process.

It’s often hard to see the beauty and strength of our bodies because of body ideals that are currently anchored in the collective consciousness and us constantly trying to measure up to them. And it can be exhausting trying to squeeze ourselves into a box that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

During this month’s Mindset Evening we’ll be questioning and unraveling any limiting beliefs regarding our bodies (how they should be like/look like/function) and taking the first step towards building a loving & accepting relationship with our body.

This will be a special one.

Gift yourself this time and set yourself FREE.

Sending love & I can’t wait to see you there
Tajda 🌷

Mindset Evenings are monthly experiential workshops dedicated to slowing down your thoughts, becoming mindful of any limiting beliefs or stories you unconsciously bought into (and that have been blocking you from living the life you want) and inquiring into them. This way you get to break the limiting thought patterns and make decisions from your truth & power.

Teacher’s Bio:
Tajda is a Professional Transformational Coach, who empowers people to unfold their full potential and elevate their life, relationships or business to the next level. She’s passionate about helping her clients step into their leadership so they can create a life that they truly want.

In her coaching work she combines transformational & performance coaching with modern spirituality and focuses on facilitating deep transformations, which start from the inside out.

Tajda is a Certified Mastery Method™ Coach and has been coaching individuals, business owners and executives for the past 2 years. She also holds a Diploma in Law and a Masters Degree in Journalism.

More Info on Tajda:


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