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Managing backpain

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Hi yogis,

Did you miss one of our classes? Practice in your own pace and time with our replays.

In this 15min video I share some insights about how to deal with chronic back pain. We gonna talk about deep tissue, stretches, nutrition, supplements as well as mental health. I hope this video is helpful for you! Two blocks can be helpful for this session.

How you feel after this class:

🗸 Relieved lower back pain

🗸 More flexible

🗸 More in control of your own helath

How does it work:

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Hi, I am Solveig, the founder of English Yoga Meetup.  I had my first yoga class  in Zurich about 10 years ago and it was a desaster. I took a break for 6 years from the mat. During my travels in Asia in 2015 I slowly got into yoga by doing yoga at beautiful places outside. In 2017, I have done a sabbatical in Australia and did my 200 hrs teacher training in the hippie place Byron Bay. I have worked in a retreat in Sydney, did some karma yoga in Adelaide and set up Frankfurt English Yoga Meetup back in my hometown after my return. I have attended further trainings in fascial yoga to learn more about how to deal naturally with chronic tensions. I have also attended a 50hrs training at Inside Yoga Frankfurt to teach Inside Yoga Flow, which is yoga on a beat. English Yoga Meetup is my side passion project and balance next to my corporate job. I love the wonderful community we have created and still feel inspired and passionate every time I jump on the mat!