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The Noosa mat is your perfect buddy for pop-up yoga outdoors, for travelling or as a cover mat on top of the mat in your yoga studio. The mat can be easily folded and with about 1,3kg it is pretty light-weight and easy to put into your backpack or bag. The top surface is made of recycled PET plastic bottles and has a nice grip. The base of the mat is made of natural rubber, so that your mat does not slip away on the ground.


3 good reasons:

  • Beautiful design

  • Made of upcycled PET bottles
  • Designed for yoga at pop-up locations

Inspired by Noosa

Noosa is a dreamy little get-away at the East coast of Australia. This small town is surrounded by a beautiful beach. There is a wooden boardwalk that stretches around the coastline, which gives you an amazing view on the waves and surfer groups. The artwork was inspired by the ocean waves, green palm trees of Noosa's boardwalk and the warm sparkles of the sun.  

This mat will brighten up your dynamic yoga practice. Designed in Germany, from original artworks by Solveig, founder of English Yoga Meetup. We are committed to selling beautiful, yet functional and sustainable eco mats that inspire you to chase your inner flow on and off the mat. Find out more about the artist.


Base: natural tree rubber

Top: Microfiber made of recycled PET plastic bottles

The anti-slip layer on top allows you to flow through your practice with ease and is suitable for dry and sweaty hands. Due to its absorpent surface you won't need an extra yoga towel on top.

The mats are not made of silicone, PVC or Chlorine. The natural rubber bottom and suede surface were combined by applying high temperature, so there is no glue used at all. The ink that is used for printing the colors is on water-base and eco-friendly. 

Please note: The first image is a guide only, that is used for our print file to the manufacturer. Please carefully look at the product images that follow to get a true representation of the colours on the yoga mat.

Dimensions & weight

61 width x 180 cm length

1,3 mm high with anti-slip layer on top

1.2kg light

Care instructions

You can wash your mat at 30° Celsius in the washing machine (no detergent, no spinning, delicate washing programme) and dry afterwards in the air (avoid direct long sun exposure).

Good to know

Our manufacturing site is in Asia and certified according to international standards. To save CO2 we have decided to ship all goods via railway instead of airfreight to Germany. That's why our re-stocking takes longer than you would expect. The technology that is required to make recycled yoga mats is currently not available in Europe after much searching. The company we have decided to work with ensures fair wages for their employees and prohibits children: work.

Our designs are created by the Frankfurt's artist Solveig in Germany and we try to support local where we can.We take pride in supporting local photographers, models, influencers and location partners. 

Social Impact

With every purchase we donate a portion of the amount to the Malala Fund to support girls in getting access to secondary school education.

Mat Journey

The inspiration

It starts with browsing travel photos. Solveig scrolls through the photos from previous travels and chooses photos that feel inspiring. She then decides about the color mood board.

The creation

The colors are mixed and prepared for the acrylic painting on canva. Some artworks take one evening and others several days. Sometimes the artwork is repainted or some gold elements are added with an acrylic pen. The entire artworks takes about 48hours to dry.

The scanning

The artwork is scanned by a professional company that is specialized on arworks. The file can be then used to get printed on different surfaces. A part of the scanned image is used to create the yoga mats. We always ensure that the colors flow along the long side of the mat.

The production

The file is then sent to the mat manufacturer and a sample mat is produced. The print of the design, the colors and the functionality are checked. If everything goes well, a bigger order is made. The mats are then shipped to Germany and checked in terms of quality, before they go out to the yogi :)


Is the mat right for me?

It is suitable for Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Bikram, Pilates and Barre. It has an anti-slip layer so that you have a better grip through transitions - no matter if you have dry or sweaty hands. It works as an outdoor mat, as a travel mat, as a hygienic cover mat on top of the mats in the yoga studio or on a carpet for your yoga practice at home.

Is the mat sustainable?

Our manufacturing site is in Asia and certified according to international standards. To save CO2 we have decided to ship all goods via railway to Germany. The design paintings are created in Germany. We try to support local where we can. However the technology that is required to make recycled yoga mats is currently not available in Europe after much searching. We avoid plastic in our packaging and wrap the mats in non-bleached kraft paper. The yoga mats are made from sustainable natural rubber (base) and recycled materials (top). Along with this we only order in small quantities to reduce any chance of waste. 

To whom do you donate?

We have decided to donate 1% of our yoga mat sales to the Malala Fund, that helps girls around the world to get access to secondary education. Education is key in finding solutions for the world's problems. Besides we want to empower women to make better life choices for themselves.

I have another question.

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