Passion Side Project
14,00 EUR
  • Come up with a side hustle idea

  • No previous know-how required

  • Build in a way that feels aligned

  • eBook

Start your own side-passion project

If you are thinking aout starting your own passion side-project next to your full-time job, you might feel a little bit lost how to start. I have been there, too, 4 years ago, when I started with English Yoga Meetup.

During the last years I have learnt a lot about how to run a little side-hustle. With this eBook I want to share my knowledge with all the other potential female entrepreneurs out there, who want to get started.

We will cover the following topics:

Chapter1 Getting started

Chapter 2: Organization

Chapter 3: Branding, Values & Marketing
Chapter 4: Website
Chapter 5: Alignment

Total: 39 pages as PDF

+ 2 Videos with Solveig, founder of English Yoga Meetup 

+ 2 Videos with 2 other inspiring female entrepreneurs

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