Self-care with art therapy - English Yoga Meetup

Self-care with art therapy

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A journey completely dedicated to yourself to find your center and wellbeing in your daily busy life. During our art therapy workshop together, I will guide you through a creative experience where you will get in touch with your authentic and unique voice by expressing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 🎉Duration: 120min

You'll need:

At least 5 white sheets of paper, colored pencils/ markers/ oil pastels (you choose) and one pen.

No art skills are required and there is no right/ wrong in doing this. Tweak and substitute materials with similar materials if you can’t find something particular at your home. Find a comfortable place where you can express your own art and not be disturbed for this time together.


How it works

After your free booking you will receive an email with the login link for the event. We use Zoom. If you join with your laptop, simply click on the link. If you use your smartphone or tablet, download the free app before the event.


 Your Coach

Hi, I am Milena. I’m a Corporate Art Therapist, Business & Life Coach, and HR Consultant and I help people and organizations to create a culture of well-being where art-making is the tool through which people can experience their inner true essence, power, self-actualization, and happiness. I run wellness programs and creative workshops based on art therapy and coaching techniques to empower teams and individuals and improve their quality of life.