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SPECIAL: Aromatherapy & Emotions 16 March (7pm, Villa Vie)

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Hey Frankfurt yogis, 

I am really happy to invite you to another amazing special. This time we gonna meet Kelly (@oildaylong) from Dallas, Texas, who is studying aroma oils for 6 years.

Did you know that our limbic system of the brain is primarily responsible for our emotional life, and also controls functions including adrenaline, behavior, motivation, long term memory, and olfaction?!

Even more fascinating, our olfactory smell sense is almost directly connected to the limbic system, meaning simply that inhaling essential oils can have an immediate and profound effect on your entire well being!

In fact, a New York University study found the only way to release FEAR from the amygdala (part of the limbic system) is through smell! In addition, certain oils such as Clove and oregano can be used to greatly boost ones immunity and even help you recover from illness faster. These oils are even being studied by scientists around the world for their anti-microbial properties!

Join us for this 60min session where we will learn how to clear out negative emotions from the body, as well as give you the tools to succeed going forward. There will be a make and take option that includes a roller of your choosing.


The spots are limited to 15 people to keep it personal.


See you of the mat!


Location: Gärtnerweg 62, Frankfurt