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SPECIAL: Ayurveda & Skin Health Workshop (22. March, 10:45-12:15, Villa)

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Hi yogis,

I am happy to invite you to this ayurveda special with Elena! Elena is orginally from France, but now moved to the Frankfurt area. She is a certified Ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, massage therapist and yoga instructor. She studied Ayurveda and Yoga to heal her own physical and emotional imbalances, after having spent 12 years working in marketing for large hospitality groups across Europe and Asia. What she gained from her personal practice was not only improved health, but also a new sense of freedom and inner peace. She then chose to make it a life priority to share natural health practices & philosophies from the East, with those who wish to improve their health and make peace with their body and mind. 

But what is Ayurveda actually all about? 

Ayurveda is a sophisticated and timeless health care system that originated in India some 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda teaches us how to live a long and healthy life, in harmony with nature. In this workshop we will introduce key ayurvedic health principles to better understand how our body functions and what causes it to go out of balance. We will focus more specifically on imbalances of the skin their origin and possible line of treatment. 

What you gonna learn in this interactive workshop: 
+ Learn Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle health principles to keep a healthy skin
+ Discover your unique body-mind profile and what causes imbalances
+ Create your personal plan to integrate Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle principles into your daily life

Places are limited to 15 people to keep the conversations personal.
See you off the mat!
PS: Elena also organizes 1:1 consultations. Feel free to reach out to her if you can't make it to the workshop or if you wanna talk with her after the session: www.theayurvedacentre.com 
Location: Gärtnerweg 62, Frankfurt