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Organic Skinbar Workshop

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It's time for another "Sacred Sunday" session. This time we gonna do our own natural massage bar. They are plantbased, organic and zero-waste. The massage bars are made of cacao butter and they are perfect for massages and little self-care rituals. They moisture your skin and leave it with a shiny light glow - plus they smell amazing due to the natural essential oils we use.  Duration: ca. 45min

You need at home:

- an empty milk / plantbased milk carton
- a pot to heat up water
- a glass / jar that is heat-resistant so that we can melt the cacao butter in there

You'll get send:

- the organic cacao butter 
- some coconut oil
- the drops of some essential oils (smells so good)

How it works

1. After your booking you will receive an email with further event details and the link to log in for the online workshop.

2. You will be sent a small package with the workshop items (for one massage bar) to the address you mention during the booking process (shipping within Germany only). Bookings for this event are accepted until 12. Jan 2021 to ensure that the parcel arrives on time.

3. Then join the online workshop and have fun :) 


Your Guide

I am Solveig, the founder of English Yoga Meetup. I love a good yoga work-out or work-in, but I am also interested in the yogi lifestyle with clean diet, clean natural skincare etc. In this Sacred Sunday session, I'll share one of my favorite recipes for a massage bar, that I have been doing since years.