#english_yoga_frankfurt# - #englishyogameetup# - #englishy_yoga_munich#
#english_yoga_frankfurt# - #englishyogameetup# - #englishy_yoga_munich#
#english_yoga_frankfurt# - #englishyogameetup# - #englishy_yoga_munich#
#english_yoga_frankfurt# - #englishyogameetup# - #englishy_yoga_munich#
#english_yoga_frankfurt# - #englishyogameetup# - #englishy_yoga_munich#

Yogi Bowl Recipes

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Hi there!
Welcome to  ‘Naked Treats’, where I share with you 11 of my favorite vegan, plant-based yogi bowl recipes. These recipes are designed to inspire you to make small changes to your diet in order to become healthier and more fulfilled.

Our lives are already complicated, and I firmly believe that your diet shouldn’t be. I work in the corporate world during the day and as a yoga instructor after work. This means I need energy and a healthy routine to feel comfortable and perform well.

In 2014  I switched to an anti-inflammatory vegan diet due to chronic health reasons. One of my yoga students kicked off the idea to write this eBook by asking me 'What do you eat for breakfast?'. We ended up having an interesting conversation about zero sugar diets, how we have too much gluten and salt in our lives, plant-based proteins and superfoods. 'Naked Treats' fills this gap by providing you with recipes without all the nasties inside.

Every time I looked for a cookbook, I noticed that they were either not vegan, not gluten-free or not anti-inflammatory, and had recipes that contained a lot of soy and sugar. If you have health issues and chronic pain, you want to make sure that you eat right, to prevent your issues or pain from getting worse. When I finally found some cookbooks that met my criteria, the recipes always required you to have 15 different ingredients and 1 hour for preparation. Other books suggested that you need pricey equipment such as different blenders and steamers. I have just come back from my sabbatical abroad, so my kitchen equipment was very limited.

So I started to experiment a little bit by myself and created my very own food recipes. I share the best of these recipes with you here.