Why English Yoga Meetup?

Have you ever felt like...
You are motivated to build up a regular yoga practice and the next day you feel worried by signing up for a contract at your local studio, because the conditions are not very flexible?

You are new as a foreigner in Germany and wanna join a local club to do some excersises, but your German skills are very limited?

You are new in town and wanna meet some others outside of your workplace environment to socialize, but you have noticed that you just can't connect with people, who don't share the same interests like you?
If so, you’re human! Probably most expats in Germany feel like this at some point or another.

Here is the truth...
Being an expat in Germany and living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging sometimes. You might feel alone and there may be some ups and downs. But all the while it's exciting, to live in another country.

How English Yoga Meetup can help...

We offer
- Pop-up yoga at cool locations 100% in English
- Workshops to learn more about holistic health

- Beautiful yoga mats based on real art paintings 

Solveig, what inspired you to start English Yoga Meetup?
I wanted to make yoga accessible to international people, who don’t necessarily speak German. During my travels I have noticed how hard it is to do yoga, if you don’t understand the instructions. I also have an international circle of friends in Frankfurt and noticed that people struggle with the German language. Working in a yoga studio didn’t work out for me, because I still have my full time job aside. So, I needed to come up with my own side business, that allows me to teach, when I have time.

What is your mission?
English Yoga Meetup exists to enrich lives - to improve and enhance the quality of life for everyone we connect with. Our vision ist to enable meaningful human connections through yoga and holistic lifestyle sessions.
by empowering our local community to take care of their health themselves...

we operate without subscriptions, so that you have the choice to choose the classes that appeal to you.

we interweave all that we do... with heart and soul.

Social Impact,
we organize charity yoga classes to help other non-profit organizations.

Charity Yoga Classes

gramm.genau Zero Waste Shop Frankfurt

Girl Up: Uniting Girls to change the world: 151 Euro
Caritas Homeless People Frankfurt: 298 Euro
Multiple Sklerosis Organisation: 53,95 Euro

Aktion Deutschland hilft: 74 Euro (Corona crisis in third world countries)
Betterplace Domestic Violence against Women: 38,89 Euro 

GiveIndia Corona Help: 95,05 Euro
Aktion Deutschland hilft: 100 Euro (flood in Germany)
Stitching for School & Life to help women from Afghanistan: 35 Euro 

Every purchase made with Shop Pay on www.englishyogameetup.com helps to plant trees at no extra cost.