Corona Safety Rules

Safety first: Corona restrictions & rules

  1. Please only join if you don't have any symptoms of an infection. If you or somebody from your household has / have symptoms, you can't join.
  2. Please mind the minimum distance of 1.5m in between participants and teacher. 
  3. No hugs or handshaking.
  4. Please bring your own equipment (mat and mask)
  5. During the yoga class you don't have to wear the mask. Please consider the security tips for coughing and sneezing.
  6. Please keep enough distance around your mat (in all directions).
  7. Your teacher will not touch or correct you, but will give you verbal cues instead.
  8. You can only join with a registration via the website With your purchase you agree that in case of a corona case tracking, your data will be forwarded to the health office. With your purchase of your ticket you also agree to accept the rules as stated on this page.
  9. If you wanna come with a friend, both persons need to book separately, because we need to have the address of every single person. 

Additional note:
In Frankfurt our outdoors classes run at the rooftop of Skyline Plaza Shopping center. People who want to do shopping need to so a corona test in front of the building. However, if you don't go shoppign and only join us on the rooftop for yoga, you can go in to the shopping center and take the elevator and go upstairs.