In the Flow Retreat


A warm welcome from our founder 

Session 1: Yoga to unwind 20'

This yoga flow is the right mix of soft mindful moves and relaxation to make you feel great in your body. Enjoy the class!

 If you can't open the video, access it here:


Session 2: How to sync your life with your menstruation 21'

There is a perfect timing for everything. Support your body through the right excersices and diet during the different cycle phases.

To understand, in which cyle phase you are, check out the apps: Clue and Stardust in your app store.
Find some interesting books about the topic over here.


Session 3: Seed Cycling Recipe 

Don't miss out these yummy energy balls made with sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, perfect for the luteal and menstruation phase.


Session 4: Natural Skincare 5'

Afraid of switching to natural skincare? We share an easy and quick skincare routine, that is based on natural ingredients and products.



Session 5: Limiting Beliefs 9'

We are always coming up with excuses that block us from going forward. In this mindfulness talk we gonna talk about how to break through limiting belief patterns.



Bonus Video Yoga as a lifestyle 9'