Self-love Retreat

 Session 1: Deep Stretch Yoga 20'    

This is a mindful full body yoga sequence, that makes you feel more open and relieved overall.



Find some yoga mats we love over here. 




 Session 2: Cacao Magic 5'

Ceremonial cacao is not to be confused with chocolate (check our interview on this on our blog), but has been used as plant medicine since ages. Ceremonial cacao is supposed to have a heart opening effect, that connects you with your inner desires. In this video you'll learn how to prepare at home to adopt this practice in your everyday life.

You'll find the link to the cacao over here or on Etsy with Ava.Alchemy (discount with "CACAOLOVE).

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 Session 3: Mindfulness Talk 6'

In this talk we gonna speak about how you can integrate yoga in your life and how it can has an impact on your life as well. Yoga teaches you, that things, that no longer feel aligned with your heart, might not be the right choice for you.

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 Session 4: Breakfast Inspiration 9'

Learn how to prepare a nourishing breakfast bowl for yourself at home, that makes you feel happy and boosts your energy. In this video we have used glutenfree oats, chia seeds, tigernuts, coconut flakes, some almond milk, some amaranth, half of a banana (or blueberries), 1 date and almond butter.

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You'll find our favorite coconut bowl over here.



 Session 5: Self-Love Rituals

The most important relationship you have, is the one with yourself. We share our 5 favorite self-love rituals, that you can do on a daily base and integrate easily into your everyday life to see major changes in how you connect with yourself.

Check out our worksheet with recommendations on how to set up a daily self-care routine! Enjoy!


Bonus Video: Essential Oils 14'